Where is your brother?


Genesis 4:11

Conflict is one of the most critical ways to solve opposite views, interests, goals etc. It appears in the process of social communication and includes ones’ resistance. Conflicts are often attended with negative emotions.
These emotions often go beyond the rules and regulations. Conflict is a subject of the conflictology science.

Conflict is a situation in which each of the sides is trying to occupy the position that is opposite to other ones’. Conflict includes both the cause and the consequence. The cause, as a rule, is often hidden behind the image of the consequence. The consequence often has a lot of forms and sensory tints, but, as a rule, it leads away from the gist of true events.

Most artistic images narrate about the consequences and rarely about the causes of the conflicts.

The works from ARTSVIT collection that I use, illustrate the consequences of those conflicts that took place on the territory of Ukraine from ancient times until today.

My new works continue the narration about modern conflicts and their characters. I was looking for a name to my project for a long time. Finally, I took the first conflict between brothers Cain and Abel from the Old Testament. In my project the rhetorical question “Where is your brother?” is turned to all the sides of the conflict.

It’s very interesting to create this project in Dnepropetrovsk. Namely Dnepropetrovsk is the birthplace of the new Vikings. They are raiders and new princes. They are among the most powerful oligarchs of my country.


Photo works
200 x 150 сm photo paper
Works are in collection of MOCAK Krakow, Poland.