The fourth entrance


The idea of the project «The Fourth Entrance» has originated in 2008 and is associated with a place I used to live in. I did not analyze the reason, but I felt some features of the Middle Ages in that area. They are obviously the same for most similar residential districts: great concentration of depression, evil, and forced residence of people. Soviet panel skyscrapers reminded me of the Roman insulas – houses for poor people without any sewage. In our reality we have buildings with no light in corridors, burnt trashes, narrow and dirty elevators, and also neighbors, whom we never meet.

Now, I think, a kind of paradox has occurred – the past is ahead of the future. There is a theory in kabbalah, according to which there is no time. Namely all the events are on a huge chessboard and in parallel to each other. I did not know it before, but I imagined how different episodes, people and things could overlap.

That is how the images from other times appeared in ceremonial entrances of living blocks. It is a kind of the Medieval period which never ends.




Taras Shevchenko National Museum. Kiev, Ukraine.

Photo: Maksim Belousov.



Oil canvas.

Sizes: 150×200 cm.

The fourth entrance.

Flashlight beam.

Love letter.