The Bridge. Object


“Bridge” is a long-term project.  “Catapult” was the previous work. It is a tool that allows you to get rid of “unnecessary things” or quickly overcome distances and obstacles. “Bridge” is the construction that can, by means of perspective distortions, connect two points, even if it needs to connect the shore of the ocean and the horizon. In addition, it is possible to control and direct the bridge to any desired point horizontally and vertically.

The author calls into question the physical impossibility to connect apparently distant or nonexistent objects, such as the horizon. The bridge is driven by two wheels. A person can enter it and move inside and to hold handrails, as on a treadmill, change the angle of the bridge vertically and horizontally. Also, the wheels can be operated standing outside from a special platform at the beginning of the bridge.


Drawing, digital printing, paper.

Size: 100×140 cm.




I am building bridges, but actually, I am planning the escape. This project is about refugees (not Syrian), and all those who want to escape, about the people remaining trapped. This project is also about my country, which is constantly increasing pressure on the people. “Escape”, this idea is unconscious. It sprout, or rather, become a young tree. Every morning I go to the yard with an axe and hack it at the root, banishing wrong thoughts. The next morning it grows above me twice. It rustling leaves talking to the wind, which had already been everywhere.

Why there is anyone who will come to us with something good from the other side of the bridge? In this case, I would wait on another side. But I don’t have any hope. I am building the bridge for coming over it, looking for something better. How many people have escaped by trains and ferries from their homes and built bridges in the past? I have a dream that my country will become a beautiful island, where we haven’t to build bridges. In this case, I have already been beyond the horizon.



Fifth Odessa Biennale of Contemporary Art. Curator Mikhail Rashkovetsky. Factory of Champagne Wines, Odessa, Ukraine, 2017.


Model, scale 1: 5, tree, rope.

Size: 100x140x120 cm.