The brain

For me, the inflatable brain is a symbol of freedom of thought, a soaring thought. It all starts with a thought. After us, there is nothing left but the energy of thought, which will be picked up by new generations. “Thinking is the bravery for the ones without any hope.” This phrase by Giorgio Agamben tickles my brains for the last couple of weeks.

I would like to do a work in which a large number of inflatable brains will fly over the city. Invasion. What was done in the Arsenal was its beginning. The brain is something unexplored, mysterious, and sacred. The brain can be light and mobile, and it can be stiff. In my work, there is an opportunity to get inside it and see how everything is arranged.

Installation of “Brain”. Exposition “ARTWORK” Mystetskyi Arsenal. Curator Alisa Lozhkina, Eva Sulek.

450x650x450 cm, cloth, wood, rope, fastener, backlight wire.


Photo by Kostiantyn Strilets