House for snakes and rabbits


In one of the shopping malls in Dnipro was the house in which a few snakes and rabbits lived together. They were separated only by the thin wall.
The action lasted three days, none of the animals was suffered.

Snake doesn’t know that it is a snake, a rabbit doesn’t know that it is a rabbit. This is important.

Rabbit and snake are not able to critically evaluate themselves, how good, bad, good, ugly, beautiful, dangerous or fair they are.

What does snake understand?

In its relations with the rabbit, everything is clear: to strangle and then swallow it. It is natural behaviour for snakes. It doesn’t feel shame, it does it with the rabbits and others like them.

What is a rabbit?

Rabbit — an incorrigible romantic, a staunch vegetarian, good man. He can’t strangle with the snake, it is outside its rules.

Nikita Shalenny’s work “House for snakes and rabbits” is a metaphor for the critical situation in which people can show their hidden side, in fact, become a beast.


150 x 200 x 50 cm wood glass 6 rabbits 2 snakes
Photo Aleksandr Svetlovskii