Contemporary Ukrainian landscape


The first part of the work is the fortifications that we need today.
The second part consists of characters from medieval engravings, a man with a beak is a plague doctor. A man with a dog’s head is a cynocephaly, a mythical character.
Also in the second part, there is no perspective, all in axonometry.
The second part is our East.

I wanted to make some defensive buildings like the lines of Monergheim, Maginot. I even wanted to make a fort city, but this is a month’s work, so I limited myself to a defensive line.

All defensive lines have common principles and a similar form. In this sense, nothing has changed since ancient times.
Michelangelo’s drawings of the defence of Florence have something common with the plan of the Brest Fortress and there are a lot of such examples.


Exposition – “Long path to freedom”, Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art. Chicago, USA


Експозиція / Exposition – “Contemporary Ukrainian Landscape”, “Rodina”, Arsenale. Kyiv, Ukraine.
photo Alena Saponova


40 x 30 cm print on paper